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January 25 2013 by LJB

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January 25 2013 by LJB

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January 25 2013 by ljb

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Anouncing 3 New Training Titles in Production

With the imminent release of 3D-Coat v4 we are working on 3 new project based workshops, where we will show you how to get the most from the software.

3D-Coat Fundamental Skills & Concepts

We will look at Gui, Navigation and the fundimental concepts that make 3D-coat stand out from the crowd when it comes to Sculpting and retopology.

3D-Coat Intermediate Skills

We take a Project based look at some of the finer aspects and produce two high quality assets.

3D-Coat Advanced Skills

We will look at producing a AAA standard character Start to finish using advanced techniques, giving you all the skills you will need for a one stop Asset creation pipeline.

I will Update these pages as we have images and Introductions so keep checking back.


Customer Feedback -

“I've only had Ref Image a short while and I'm finding it invaluable already. Having a reference image permanently open and immobile makes life so much easier.”

“I just can't imagine working on it without RI. The transparency feature is just too useful for faces and proportions!”

“I wish I had it back on Avatar!”